Meet The Owner

Marissa Boccongelle

Marissa has been with Prep Academy Tutors since 2014.  Marissa completed her Bachelor’s of Education (Primary/Junior) at Queen’s University. Since graduating, Marissa has taken additional qualifications in Special Education, Kindergarten, and Reading. Marissa is passionate about finding new paths and creative ways to reach every learner.

In 2015, Marissa travelled to Oregon to become a trainer of Direct Instruction. In addition to training other teachers in Direct Instruction, Marissa also trains the Wilson Reading System.  Marissa creates a team-atmosphere with herself, her tutors, parents, and students to ensure every student reaches their full potential.

Marissa is passionate about making learning come alive for her students. Marissa encourages her students and teachers to ask questions and reflect on their learning and teaching processes. Marissa is determined to help find students’ strengths while implementing effective strategies to help them grow in their areas of weakness. Marissa believes learning is a life-long process and strives to help each student become confident learners who are not afraid to make mistakes in order to learn.